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Lilias Trotter’s Favorite Holidays

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Lily’s extended family enjoyed vacations together twice a year. These were a regular high point in Lily’s life and for the entire Trotter family. Their winter holiday was often at the Epping Forest in Essex.

Epping Forest
Epping Forest in Essex, England

Epping Forest is a favorite local for British novels. Artists, musicians and poets frequent this lovely forest. It remains a popular location for running, horseback riding, mountain biking and there is even a motorcycle speedway there today.

It was during her summer holidays, on the east coast at Cromer, that Lilias forged her first true friendship. Her cousin Edith Chapman (Barclay) became her dear friend.

Cromer beach
Cromer beach

One of their most enjoyable activities was taking high speed donkey cart rides through the local woods and ferns. They often enjoyed a picnic lunch and harvested wild ferns and blackberries.