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The Shadow of Death

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

In 1864, Lily’s father, Alexander Trotter, became ill. He died in 1866, after struggling with his illness for two short years. It was a terrible blow for his wife Isabella. It was very difficult for her to be a widow at the age of 50, with three young children and others still living at home.  This awful shadow of death cast a dark shadow over the whole family, including 12 year old Lilias. She deeply loved her father. His death shook her to the core of her being.

Serious and winsome at age ten

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Lilias Trotter was loved at a young age for her mature character. At only ten years of age, friends noticed her mature personality. Her young friends looked up to her as a special person. She was serious, yet merry. She was so warm and full of sympathy, that others sought her out for advice. She was also fun loving and had a balanced sense of humor.

God also blessed Lilias with a sound mind. She was artistic and sensitive to natural beauty all around her. Genetics and nurture from her family developed her natural intelligence and logical thinking. Even as a young girl, people could see that she would be a remarkable woman.

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