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The Trotter Children

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Lilias enjoyed both her large family and her relatives. Some of her happiest childhood memories were of her play times with her brothers and sisters.  Lily and her “baby brother” Alec even created a secret language that no one else could understand. Their little sister Margaret aka Minnie often tagged along when Alec and Lily took walks in London’s Regent’s Park.  Lilias enjoyed the mature stimulation she received from her older sisters, Jaqueline and Emily, and her older brothers, Couts, William and Edward.

A union of contrasting personalities

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Lily’s parents were opposites in many ways. Alexander Trotter was inclined to be melancholy and introspective. Isabella Trotter was full of joy and enthusiasm. Together they created a well balanced home for Lily Trotter to grow and develop into a passionate personality.  Alexander looked at the fine details of objects. Isabella looked at the big picture, ignoring “minor” details.

The Trotter family was full of faith, passion and intelligence, creating a fertile landscape for Lilias to grow and mature in her unique personality.