A man of strong character

Lilias’ father, Alexander Trotter, shared many of the same passions that Lilias enjoyed during her life.

He loved people. He made it obvions to all that he would never say a negative word about another person. Even when provoked, he refused to criticize the actions of others.

He respected others. It was of no importance to him if the other person was a slave, land owner or high society politician. He diligently listened to their point of view.

He bravely sought new experiences. He lived life to the fullest extent possible.  He climbed mountains. He drove a train. He stood on the deck of a ship to see teh force of an Atlantic Ocean hurricaine.

He passionately studied the wonders of nature. He observed the awesome power of Niagra Falls from a ship. He studied the wonders of nature from his armchair, through sientific journals and popular magazines.


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